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With Ubiquiti on The Rise, Which Router do I Chose? EdgeRouter vs USG

EdgeRouter vs USG

With Ubiquiti on the rise, choosing between ER or USG is one of the bigger questions when decided which will be your router/gateway . In this blog post we will outline general comparisons of each device. There are different models for each line but for the most part they are all capable of the same functionalities within ER or USG.


  • Easy setup wizards for basic functionality.
  • Centralized Management with UNMS? (Ubiquiti? Network Management System)
  • Better performance for higher critical environment under our testing and deployments.
  • Standalone management through web or CLI.
  • Better higeher level capabilities.


  • Inability of it being managed under UniFi Controller or SDN.
  • Weak analytic controls out of the box.
  • Harder to manage for entry level technicians or clients.

EdgeRouter Pricing and Specifications

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EdgeRouter and USG have the following capabilities

  • No subscription fees
  • Layer 3
  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • Guest Controls
  • Load Balancing
  • Fiber Connectivity

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  • Integration with UniFi Controller (Unifi SDN).
  • Attractive analytics dashboards.
  • Easy site-to-site VPN setup.
  • Easy to manage interface.
  • Best for simple network configurations.


  • Adopting and decommission can be a hard process.
  • 1st gen performance and hardware issues.
  • Cant be used as a standalone router, need UniFi controller to manage.

USG Pricing and Specifications

These links are from our amazon affiliate store.

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