With the Internet of Things (IOT) paving the way for a modern lifestyle centered on tech automation for security, convenience and entertainment, as well as creating a unique ecosystem to enhance and simplify our life, we have truly come a long way. The ability of different appliances and devices to communicate with each other on a home network and an integrated control through an app is what makes our smart homes top-notch and future-ready.

The key component of all these things is the ‘Internet’ which since its advent has grown by leaps and bounds leading to major breakthroughs in the tech industry and making the world dance on its tunes. Safe to say our home will not be a smart home without a powerful, efficacious and secure WIFI system in place. Speed and security are two things that can make or break a network system hence choosing the right WIFI system for your home is of utmost importance.

UniFi Dream Machine Pro

True to its name the UDM Pro by Ubiquiti is a single device that works as a security gateway, network controller, NVR (Network Video Recorders), VOIP system and a security access system, all in one.  It is host to all UniFi controllers like UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Access and UniFi Talk, which means with only device and interface you can manage all aspects of your network with ease. One of the best features of this machine is that once powered up, all UniFi devices sync which helps the user pull up throughput data on all devices simultaneously. With a 3.5” HDD slot which enables the user to use hard drives up to 16TB for storage and the ability to support up to 50 HD (1080p) cameras or 15 4k cameras for video surveillance, the UDM Pro is a notch ahead of its competitors.

(Source: Ubiquiti)

Setting up this plug-and-play device is a piece of cake even if you’re not a tech whiz. The UDM Pro is a sleek piece of machinery that is rack mountable and can be easily set up through a browser or a mobile phone using Bluetooth. Just follow the setup wizard on the mobile app and your system will be up and running in no time.

Threat Protection

The UniFi Dream Machine Pro is a powerful and versatile security gateway keeping you and your network safe at all times. With a built-in firewall and an advanced threat management system, this device works as a protective shield against malware and other cyber bugs. You can either enable and configure different security features according to your preference or choose from five pre-installed configurations ranging from maximum performance to maximum security.

UniFi Protect

A state-of-the-art home security system developed by Ubiquiti offers you a lot more than competitors in the market. UniFi Protect comes pre-installed as a part of the UDM Pro. A subscription-free, plug-and-play surveillance platform with specialized motion-based cameras recording high definition videos, accessible through a simple yet resourceful app which works as a controller and can be accessed through any smart phone or tablet. What makes it even more adept is its scalability in terms of design so you don’t have to worry about expansion in terms of volume in the future. Overcoming the major drawbacks of the cloud-based network video recorders like privacy, subscription, and internet bandwidth usage, this high-end security system is the answer to all your home security needs.

(Source: Ubiquiti)


Ubiquiti provides the best-in-class video surveillance system with its wide assortment of cameras to choose from according to the need and preferences of the user. Each design and model has its distinct features to provide the best use in terms of area coverage and video quality. With features like Smart Detection which lets you set up camera detection for specific types of motion like a person’s movement and Privacy zones which can be used to block live streams or recordings of certain specific areas for privacy, Ubiquiti has just upped its game with its new G4 series.

(Source: Ubiquiti)


(Source: Ubiquiti)

With a wide range of performance-driven, aesthetically pleasing and quality products, you can never go wrong with Ubiquiti. Whether we talk about usability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, security or even performance, SimpleFly Tech is your one stop junction for all Ubiquiti products and services for your smart home.


(Source: Ubiquiti)


The screenshot below shows events and categorizes by Smart and Motion Detections.

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