5 Warning Signs You Need a New MSP

Everyone has experienced that relationship where you know it’s not working, but the idea of “breaking up” causes more anxiety than the status quo. Business partnerships can be similar, especially when it is a services engagement.

But working with the wrong managed services provider can do more than cause frustration, it can, in the worst-case scenario, leave your business damaged and struggling.

If you are wondering if it’s time to break up with your MSP, here are five warning signs.


Managed IT Services Glitches That Are Red Flags

1. Gaps in Cybersecurity Knowledge

Cybersecurity is more than a buzzword. Small and midsized businesses are at particularly high risk for cyber attacks, with research revealing that 43% of attacks are targeted at SMBs, while only about 14% of those companies are sufficiently protected.  Make sure your MSP isn’t just dabbling in security. Your partner should have established policies and documentation for all aspects of cybersecurity—managed security solutions, user policies and training, incident response plans, backup and recovery plans for mission-critical systems, and more.

2. Recurring Outages and Downtime

Let’s be honest, the main reason an organization is working with an MSP is to avoid the devastating impact of downtime. Managed IT services are built on the foundation of remote monitoring that proactively works behind the scenes to keep business networks up and running. If your MSP seems less than concerned about recurring outages and only offers excuses for downtime, you may need to review the service level agreements included in your contract. There are certain circumstances well out of your MSP’s control, and short outages are understandable here and there. But if your organization is constantly impacted by technical issues, it might be time to re-evaluate your partnership.

3. Lack of Roadmap and Guidance

This red flag can be difficult to pinpoint, but you’ll know it when it happens. As a trusted technology advisor, your MSP should be guiding your company toward IT best practices, offer advice on innovative new technologies that might enable your company, and have a deep understanding of your business strategy in order to align your technology roadmap with your goals.

Let’s use COVID-19 as an example. Businesses were suddenly plunged into the world of remote work. A good MSP partner would have guided your company to the best solution for that transition and made sure your environment remained secure and protected even as your team worked from home.  Good business partners step into the challenge of educating clients and guiding them through troubling conditions—and that is the type of managed IT services provider you want on your team.

4. Slow or Confusing Ticketing System

Helpdesk services are a key element of managed IT services because every network has lost passwords, product outages, and other operational glitches. The true test of your MSP comes when an employee submits a ticket to report a problem. Does your current MSP provide a simple, effective service ticketing tool? Do they communicate clearly and often? Does the process for requesting support—and the follow-up—make your team frustrated or pleasantly surprised?

The bottom line: Every MSP should communicate at each step of the support ticket journey, following up and escalating as needed. A lack of communication, slow response times to support tickets, and constantly recurring issues are clear signs of missteps by an MSP that can put your business at risk. When your team would rather troubleshoot on their own than put in a support ticket, it is time to look for a new partner.

5. Transparency

It is always a surprise when a services business avoids talking about pricing. No one likes to play a guessing game when it comes to investing in business infrastructure, support, or service. If you are constantly confused by your IT services invoice, and your MSP can’t explain what’s included in your contract, that’s a clear warning sign. An ethical MSP is happy to answer questions about pricing, processes, document, and policies—if they aren’t, look for a new partner.

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