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SimpleFly Tech is here to make your tech life easy, simple. Our main purpose is to provide the appropriate solution for school, business and/or team to increase productivity and help decrease the time your company spends on tech issues.We support all technology environments and specialize in working with education and business. We work with the admin team to help plan, budget, purchase and implement. Our experienced IT staff are trained to have excellent communication and are fast to respond to technical issues. We have a passion in helping with education and student learning. Let’s talk about how we can get your staff and students on the right track to success!
Francisco Martinez

Francisco Martinez

CEO / Owner

Francisco Martinez moved from Mexico to Denver, CO at the tender age of 5. Ever since childhood he was intrigued by technology by spending most of his time figuring out how it all worked. Francisco grew up in the tough Denver projects navigating through life’s challenges and figuring out how to stay out of trouble by using technology and art. Entrepreneurship was in his blood, in Elementary school he began selling his artwork to his fellow peers. By the age of 12 he began working at Auraria campus at a program called Arts-Street working on RTDs website. At age 15 he got his first real job at Fazolis learning valuable customer service skills and how to work with others.
Throughout high school Francisco accomplished owning his dream car, a 1968 Ford Mustang and eventually being the first in his family to graduate from College. Francisco has always had a passion teaching kids art and technology, he spent 4 years after graduating college traveling the nation working at universities such as DU, UCLA, Princeton and CSU teaching game development in the summers. After those 4 years Francisco was given the opportunity to work at a new Denver charter school where he started to learn the ins and outs of startups. In 2015 he started SimpleFly Tech, a Colorado IT company with dreams to grow and make the world a better place by using technology!
Francisco is happily married and has 2 crazy Boston Terriers. Other than technology he enjoys spending time in the outdoors, riding his mountain bike and boxing.
Noah Scherer

Noah Scherer

Lead Technician

Hi! I’m Noah. Being raised in the world of computers and video games, I couldn’t help but be interested in the limitless potential of technology. With both my Father and older Brother being engulfed in the same world, there was always tech around the house. However, I took things a little bit farther than the rest of my family. I always knew, even as a child that I would eventually have a career in tech. I have a passion for technology and I’ve always been self-taught in what I do. The world never stops growing and I love being a part of it! When I’m not geeking out, I enjoy camping, creating music, playing video games, and spending time with family. I love what I do, and I will always have a heart for technology!


Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez


26 years young, I moved to Colorado back in 2013 from the sunshine state of Florida and I have been loving nearly every minute of it!I got into I.T. due to my love and passion for electronics and computer systems since I was a child, which all stemmed from my Dad getting a Sega Genesis and loved to watch him play. My top 5 tech items that I believe have either shaped me or have played an important part in my life would be smartphones, Xbox 360, my computers, Gameboys, and Gamecube. As you can tell, I have quite an affinity for video games. While I have always been surrounded by video games and computers, I never let the outdoors get away from me, and now living in Colorado, it has really given me greater opportunities to adventure and explore. My favorite hobby outside of technology would be snowboarding. The feeling of being able to ride down a massive mountain is unbeatable.


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