UniFi WiFi for Schools 2021

In the present times when almost everything is online, and in this dynamic environment, it is essential to keep up with the current trends and have a steady infrastructure to support your organization. In this new era of email communications, online classes, cloud meetings, online presentations, online customer support, cloud storage and what not, a […]

Top 5 Tips To Make IT Support Work in Schools

Education and IT go hand in hand, but everything that happens in between is what can make the difference between success and failure. While each school has their own needs, some basic principles can outline a roadmap to a successful connection between schools

Technology In The Classroom: Which Devices Are Right For Me?

With an ever-expanding diverse pallet of available devices for educational use, It is important to have a moderate understanding of each option. Too often specific technology is purchased solely based on price, without any idea of what the device is capable of.

WiFi in Your School: Preparing and Budgeting So You Don?t Pay The Price

Often times, the things we use every day are the things we take for granted. In this case, we are talking about WiFi, the speed of WiFi, the reliability of WiFi, and the longevity of WiFi. Commonly overlooked when discussing technology in the business or school, WiFi is potentially the most crucial elements to keeping any organization running efficiently and effectively.

5 Reasons to Install Ubiquiti over the Competition

Whether you are in the IT industry or not, one thing definitively stands true. Ubiquiti products are on the rise now more than ever. People have started to catch on to the practices of this new school company, who offers platinum tier level products at ridiculously competitive prices

Happy Data Privacy Day!

Most people would never know that January 28 is actually an international holiday, but to us here in the tech world, we know it as Data Privacy Day! Going on 12 years now, data privacy day has evolved very much since its inception

#TechTuesday: 5G

In today?s #TechTuesday blog post we will talk about one of the newest and most exciting technology on the rise: 5G,??5G has been sort of a buzz word for the past few years, and while most people don?t understand the intricacies of 5G,

Your Future WiFi Network, Understanding MU-MIMO

It seems like there is always some revolutionary new WiFi or network product hitting the market. You may ask yourself if it?s really worth upgrading right now, especially if you just purchased new equipment a few years ago. The answer to that question varies in each case, but today we?re discussing MU-MIMO and the features included.