Ubiquiti Inc. Introduces Professional Support Subscription

Ubiquiti Inc. Introduces Professional Support Subscription In a significant development for the Ubiquiti user community, Ubiquiti Inc. has just unveiled its latest offering—professional support via a paid subscription model. The new service, aptly named “Professional Support” is in its early release stage, offering telephone support to single sites with a UniFi Cloud Gateway. This marks […]

Datto to discontinue production and support of routers and switches

Per the source below, Datto announces plans to discontinue the sale and support of Edge Routers and Switches. https://www.reddit.com/r/msp/comments/v3e43h/important_update_on_datto_networking_product_line/ “Specifically, Datto is discontinuing the following products: Switches: The E24 switch has reached End-of-Sale in all regions, and is no longer available for purchase. Global End-of-Sale for all other Switches (L8, L24, E8, E48) will be […]

UniFi Smart Home

With the Internet of Things (IOT) paving the way for a modern lifestyle centered on tech automation for security, convenience and entertainment, as well as creating a unique ecosystem to enhance and simplify our life, we have truly come a long way. The ability of different appliances and devices to communicate with each other on […]

UDM Pro – How to Change Owner

  This has been tested on a UDM Pro Ver. 1.9.3 UDM Pro Ver. 1.11.0 has officially fixed this workaround and you can now transfer ownership from the UDM Pro.   Make sure you have local access to your UDM Pro before proceeding.   Back up all UDM Pro configurations. Add new Super Admin “Local […]

UniFi for Large Residential Estates

Whether you are a baby boomer or a millennial it is safe to say that during the past decade or so technology has evolved massively. We live in the ultra-modern world where if you do not have an online presence you simply do not exist (not literally, just figuratively). A lot of our personal and […]

UniFi WiFi for Schools 2021

In the present times when almost everything is online, and in this dynamic environment, it is essential to keep up with the current trends and have a steady infrastructure to support your organization. In this new era of email communications, online classes, cloud meetings, online presentations, online customer support, cloud storage and what not, a […]

5 Reasons to Install Ubiquiti over the Competition

Whether you are in the IT industry or not, one thing definitively stands true. Ubiquiti products are on the rise now more than ever. People have started to catch on to the practices of this new school company, who offers platinum tier level products at ridiculously competitive prices

Co-Working Wifi Made Easy with Ubiquiti

As the popularity of co-working spaces grows, so does the need for?intuitive?and robust?Wifi?systems.?Afterall,?not much?work can be?accomplished?in a workspace with unreliable internet connection.?Ubiquiti products meet the unique and diverse needs of co-working spaces: