Why You Need a Professional Technology Partner

Why You Need a Professional Technology Partner Commoditization of video surveillance products has left many business owners with the misperception that a handful of video cameras and a good WiFi network is all it takes to create video surveillance inside or outside of a business or around a valued property. The same goes for WiFi networks that […]

Let’s Talk About WiFi and Your Business

Let’s Talk About WiFi and Your Business Some of you may remember what those early days of WiFi felt like. First of all, it was like striking gold when you found a network and even better if it was unsecured and you could log right in. Today, WiFi is the backbone of most companies’ technology […]

Datto to discontinue production and support of routers and switches

Per the source below, Datto announces plans to discontinue the sale and support of Edge Routers and Switches. https://www.reddit.com/r/msp/comments/v3e43h/important_update_on_datto_networking_product_line/ “Specifically, Datto is discontinuing the following products: Switches: The E24 switch has reached End-of-Sale in all regions, and is no longer available for purchase. Global End-of-Sale for all other Switches (L8, L24, E8, E48) will be […]

Exigent Technologies Expands Enterprise WiFi Offerings With Investment into SimpleFly Tech

Majority share hold in Colorado-based wireless network MSP enables expanded portfolios for both IT companies MORRISTOWN, N.J. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 28, 2022 — Exigent Technologies, a full-service IT services firm that delivers high-performance technology to organizations in a wide range of industries, has acquired a majority interest in SimpleFly Tech, adding that company’s deep wireless networking expertise to […]

UniFi Smart Home

With the Internet of Things (IOT) paving the way for a modern lifestyle centered on tech automation for security, convenience and entertainment, as well as creating a unique ecosystem to enhance and simplify our life, we have truly come a long way. The ability of different appliances and devices to communicate with each other on […]