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Annual Give Back TripĀ 


I’m excited to share that I (Francisco) will be traveling to Belize with an amazing team at the end of April 2019 to use my technical skills to give back. This will be one of my first missions trips to help out a country in need.?

Goal of trip: To give our time and money to bless the lives of the orphans at Laugh Out Loud Ministries. This will be the first of many trips to serve around the world. We are looking for businesses to partner with us to give above and beyond the cost of the trip for the benefit of Laugh Out Loud Ministries.

Technical Details

The Problem: internet access is really bad because of improper network infrastructure. We all know the importance of internet access and having it at LOL will greatly improve operations.

We want to improve the network infrastructure at the LOL site by leveraging Ubiquiti products to provide awesome WiFi and Security Cameras to the LOL premises. Instead of using traditional cabling to reach outdoor destinations we will be using wireless point to point links.

Ubiquiti has been a product we have become acustomed to installing, we think that this is the perfect product because it requires no additional yearly subscriptions.

We also want to educate local Belize workers on how to build and work with small networks to then benefit other communities internet and wireless networks. Ubiquiti provides excellent cloud features which allow us to seamlessly troubleshoot from the US.


I am asking friends, family and clients to help fund my journey, in return I will be sharing a video documenting my process in delivering awesome technology services to LOL ministries!

About LOL Ministry

Laugh out Loud Ministry has become a light of hope for the lost and broken children of Belize. So far through many years of faith, hard work. and much help. they have established a refuge for the abused neglected and forgotten children of Belize and created a home to train and send out a generation of Belizeans to bring transformation and revival to their country.

LOL is an international organization that exists to love and nurture orphans, neglected and disadvantaged children and young adults. Its focus is to bring restoration through God?s love, allowing children and youth to discover their potential, while equipping and releasing them into their divine destiny and future.

To pursue this, we have developed a plan to build 5 single-family homes to be places of refuge and restoration. Each home will have a dedicated set of house parents to love, nurture, and disciple the children as they grow. We believe the individualized love and care will eleminate many behavioral issues we see in our current system and allow the kids the ability to have greater breakthrough. It will also be a space for them to learn the life skills needed to move into adulthood. We are excited and expectant to see the great things that will happen because of these homes.

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Giving Options

You can use the link below to help fund Francisco’s travel and/or cost of network hardware. All donations made to Gen12 are tax deductible since we are a registered 501(c)3 with the IRS. Any payments made to pay for your own trip or a family member in the same house hold, can not be given tax credit.

Checks can also be mailed to our office: Gen12 Ministries, 16965 Pine Lane, Suite 202, Parker, CO 80134

Please make note? ?Francisco Martinez- Belize NGC? in the ?Donation or payment for:?


Donate Online

You can also help by directly purchasing or donating the equipment above. Please email me for further detail.

Any other questions or concerns please email:

Francisco Martinez –