Why do I need a Help Desk system?

Who is it for??

Schools, Businesses, and Churches alike rely on technology on a daily basis for their systems and their users. Unforeseen technological issues are a nuisance, and cost time and money to handle. Without proper support, such problems can affect a user, or a company?s ability to get work done. SimpleFly Tech aims to take the worry out of the hands of our customers. We put our professionals to work, so that your business can run effectively!

Why SFT Help Desk?

Our Help Desk services ensure your users will always be on top of their tech. With ticket creation and monitoring, popular topics and solutions, announcements and more, we set up our clients for success. Each ticket is viewed by our entire team, and allows us to ensure the problem is dealt with efficiently and correctly. Customer service is our top priority and always will be. We are always looking to improve our services to our clients. Don?t believe us? Check out our?reviews!

Ticket Management

  • Better ticket management for staff to get issues resolved faster.
  • Ability to view and respond to open tickets.
  • Respond to tickets via email or web.


  • Use of the announcement board to inform about upcoming server/network work.
  • Warn users about recent email phishing attempts.

Remote Access

  • Easily give access to a SFT employee to help you via remote access.

Inventory Management

Monitoring all the software and hardware purchases by your various teams usually means maintaining multiple repositories for IT tracking ? a complex process. SFT Help Desk makes it simple, with inventory management capabilities that help you track and evaluate all your IT assets in stock and in use, such as contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items. This makes it easier to avoid loss and plan purchases, while taking into account up-to-date information on all your assets.

Knowledge Based Solutions

Solutions for your incidents, automatically convert them to knowledge base articles, and improve service desk productivity by setting canned responses for similar requests.

  • Browse solutions and documentation to easily solve reoccurring and past issues.
  • Helpful content and training to improve user proficiency.

Streamlined Request Management

Implement a single service desk solution to be transparent and accessible at all times. Set up service request management process with a single service catalog for students, faculty and staff to access and request relevant service items including IT, administration, admission, library, hostel services, research and alumni.

Visualize Reports for Greater Visibility

Provide clarity into the data you want to see or present by using the data visualization engine. With automatic recommendations as well as the option to use Smartboards to browse interactive visualizations, view or present the analytics you require for greater understanding.

Easily break down insights, plan better, and improve your service desk performance.

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