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To call externally please dial the number directly, you dont have to press 9 before.

FreePBX User Reference

Volume Adjustment

To adjust ring volume, speakerphone volume, or handset volume, use the +/- keys at the bottom of the phone while in the mode you want to adjust. For instance, when the phone is ringing, the +/- keys adjust the ring volume, but when you are on the speakerphone, the +/- keys adjust the speakerphone volume.

Placing a call

To place a call, dial the desired extension or phone number and press the ?Send? softkey. You can also wait for the timeout period (2 seconds by default) and the call will place automatically after you finish dialing.

Placing a call on hold

To place a call on hold, press the ?Hold? soft key while on a call. You can now hang up the handset. To retrieve the call, lift the handset and press the ?Resume? soft key.

Call Parking

To park a call, press the ?Park? button while on a call. The FreePBX will read out the parking lot number that the call is parked on (for example, 701). If you have parking lot BLF keys, the first key will turn RED when someone has been parked.

To retrieve a parked call, press the appropriate parking lot BLF key (if a call is parked on that key, the light will be RED).

If you have the Parking app installed, you can also press the ?Parking? button to see a list of all calls that are currently parked. Scroll up and down with the arrow keys to find the call you want, and then press the ?Dial‘ softkey to pick up the call. You can also press the ?Refresh? button to refresh the list of callers parked.

Transferring a call

There are two types of call transfers available.

  • Blind: The caller is placed on hold while you transfer the call to a new recipient. You do not speak to the new recipient first.
  • Attended: The caller is placed on hold while you speak to (or attempt to speak to) the new recipient. If the new recipient can accept the call, you can transfer it when ready. If the new recipient does not answer, or is otherwise unavailable, you can return to the on-hold call in progress and/or try to reach a different recipient.

Blind transfer – to perform a blind transfer, press the transfer button or softkey while on a call. Dial the extension, phone number, or use the Directory to look up the number you wish to transfer to and press the transfer button? or softkey again (or simply hang up).

Attended Transfer – to perform an attended transfer, press the transfer button or softkey while on a call. Dial the extension, phone number, or use the Directory to look up the number you wish to transfer to and press the ?Send? key (or wait for the timeout period).

Speak with the person you are transferring to and press the transfer button or softkey again (or simply hang up).

If you wish to cancel the attended transfer, you can press the ?Cancel? softkey.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is a way to speak with multiple callers simultaneously. Calls are bridged together to that all parties can hear each other.

Assuming that you are on a call with person ?A,? and you want to add person ?B? to the call. First, press the ?Conference? softkey. This will put person ?A? on hold and automatically give you a dial tone on your 2nd line.

Next, dial the extension or phone number of the person that you would like to conference in, and press the ?Send? key (or wait for the timeout period). As soon as the 2nd call is ringing, you can\ press the ?Conference? softkey again to bridge all parties together. Alternatively, you can speak with person ?B? for a while before hitting the ?Conference? softkey.

Repeat this process to add additional parties to the conference. You can have up to 5 parties per conference call.


To intercom another extension, dial *80 followed by the extension number. For instance, if you would like to intercom extension 500, dial *80500 and press ? Send? (or wait for the timeout period).

Alternatively, if you have another extension set up as a BLF key (Busy Lamp Field), you can hold down the BLF key of the person that you want to intercom for 1 second to intercom that extension.

To access voicemail, press the voicemail button? ?. It will be blinking when there are new voicemails. If you are checking voicemail from the phone where the voicemail was left, you do not need a password.

Helpful voicemail options
Once logged in, press 1 to listen to voicemail messages.

While listening:
* ? Rewind 3 seconds
# ? Fast forward 3 seconds

While listening or after listening:
5 ? replay the current message
6- skip to the next message
7- delete the current message

Outgoing Greetings

There are 4 recordable greetings per voicemail box.

Unavailable greeting?? this is the greeting that plays when your phone rings multiple times with no answer (typically 4 rings).

Busy greeting? this is the greeting that plays when you are on the phone and a second call comes in that goes to voicemail. This is also the greeting that plays when you have an incoming call and you press the ?Reject? button.

Temporary greeting?? this is a temporary greeting that you may want to record when you are going to be out of the office for an extended period of time, such as when on vacation.

Name?? this recording is for the dial-by-name directory. When someone looks up your name in the directory, your name recording will play indicating that they have the correct person.

Recording voicemail greetings

? From your extension, press the voicemail button.
? (Optional ? to record the unavailable greeting for a different voicemail box, such as x700) from any other phone, dial *98. When prompted, enter mailbox number ?700? and password.

? Press ?0? for Mailbox options

? Press the option for the greeting you wish to record

  • 1 ? Unavailable greeting
  • 2 ? Busy greeting
  • 3 ? Name
  • 4 ? Temporary greeting
  • After the beep, record your greeting and press # when finished
    Press ?1? to accept the message or ?2? to listen to the recorded message

Alternatively, if you have the Voicemail app (Voicemail button on your phone?s display), you can press that button, and access all voicemail through the phone?s display screen. If you click ?More? followed by ?Settings,? you can also record all of your greetings or change your voicemail password.

How to check voicemail from cell phone

Call into the school, dial you extension, when you hear your greeting press * and follow the prompts.

How to transfer direct to Voicemail

Dial * before the extension – for example *200