Remote Support

TeamViewer is a third-party program that is used by the SimpleFly team during remote technical assistance. Please reference below to see why TeamViewer is a crucial part of what we do.

What it does: With cooperation from the receiving party, TeamViewer grants complete control of the user?s computer to the SimpleFly Tech Support staff member. This allows the technician to remotely troubleshoot potential issues, transfer files, and gain access to the user?s network. Everything the technician does will be visible from the user?s side, as it is a live feed.

How it works: When TeamViewer is installed on a computer, it generates a User ID for the computer. Each time you open the program, a randomly generates a new random password for the computer as well. When the User ID and password are both given to SFT Support, they will be granted access to your computer. TeamViewer must remain open for the technician to have access to the user?s computer. Should the user close TeamViewer, the technician will be kicked out of the session or unable to join. Should the user wish, a permanent password will be assigned to the user?s computer for future TeamViewer use.

What we use it for: TeamViewer allows remote access to the user?s computer as an alternative to a technician being on-site. Our technicians use TeamViewer exclusively for tech related problems/issues. Your computer will never be used without your consent, which is why a new password is automatically generated each time the program opens/closes.

Consent: Please email technician back with consent for?SimpleFly Tech to install TeamViewer on my computer, and to use it for potential technical problems I have in the future. I understand that TeamViewer is used for support only, and will never be used unless I am experiencing problems and agree to remote support.