There is no service more valuable service for your employees, clients, and students than a reliable Wi-Fi. Let us help you improve the speed and security of your wireless system.

For years, we’ve built and upgraded wireless Internet systems for education and business organizations. Whether you run a high school, coffee shop, or retail outlet, we can help you outfit your space with the right kind of Wi-Fi network for your needs.

Our experienced team is available for consultation. When it comes to complicated technical platforms like Wi-Fi, we know there are lots of questions. Let us help you choose the best way to provide a safe and secure service that won’t harm your business or customers. We can help you figure out what is the most economical and practical option to choose.



Faster speed. Connect at the speed of today’s world. If you’re doing business over the Internet, you need to keep up. A faster and more secure wireless system means that your employees won’t waste time waiting for pages to load and downloads to finish. Keep your network up-to-date and secure.

More convenience. Work where you want. An upgraded system means a wider reach. There’s nothing worse than losing coverage in your own building. You can broaden your coverage as well as increase your speed with a customized treatment from SimpleFly.

Better security. Don’t be a victim. Old and outdated systems are the most at-risk for malicious attacks and fraud schemes. Keep your organization in safe hands by upgrading to a new, more secure service.

No matter what kind of organization you have, a wireless system will affect nearly every part of it. That’s a lot of data on the line. Trust the expertise and experience of SimpleFly. We’re always here to support your system.


For Business: SimpleFly has competitively priced plans for a range of business clients. Whether you’re just starting out or need to upgrade a years-old system for hundreds of workers, we’re here to help make it as easy and affordable as possible. If you’re a small business or a large one, we know how important Wi-Fi networks are to your business. Call us today to set up a consultation. Let us show you how an upgraded wireless system can speed up your business and bolster your bottom line.

For Education: We specialize in helping educational institutions upgrade and improve their wireless coverage. Thanks to our strong track record of working with education outlets, we know the unique constraints and concerns that are unique to serving a student population. Our team can help outfit your institution with an affordable, practical, and secure system, from budgeting and setup to implementation. If you’re considering upgrading your system, call us for a consultation to find out about what’s worked for our clients and how we can bring that experience to bear your project.

Our IT consultants are some of the best minds in the business. Give us a call today to set up a personalized consultation. We can walk you through several options and build the right kind of plan for your organization.