HIPAA Assessments

HIPAA Assessment Services | Denver Area

If you are a covered entity in the Denver area and need of assistance with assessing your level of HIPAA compliance, you may be best served by having one of our experienced Denver HIPAA consultants conduct a HIPAA Assessment for you.

What is a HIPAA Assessment?

During a HIPAA assessment, our team of consultants learn about your IT assets and processes to understand how they relate to prescribed HIPAA requirements. We’ll also conduct interviews with staff, review your overall information technology (IT) environment and examine existing controls and business processes with the overall goal of developing a plan for you.

Overview of our HIPAA Maturity Assessment

We’ll help you recognize deficits in your organization’s information security practices by assessing your maturity in meeting the HIPAA control requirements. Then, we’ll develop a plan for improvement and remediation. The engagement is geared toward the evaluation of your requirements, and the state of the cybersecurity controls and functions in use by your organization to address those requirements.

The objectives of the HIPAA assessment

Identify gaps that may cause non-compliance with HIPAA

Creation of a plan (roadmap) for advancing compliance with HIPAA

Improve the cybersecurity hygiene of the organization

Assist with required response to an audit or examination

Provide risk mitigation services

A plan for remediation, including documentation outlining current information security practices, HIPAA compliance scoring and recommendations to help your organization’s evolution regarding information security.

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