Penetration Testing in Denver, Colorado Area

SimpleFly provides penetration testing (pen test) services to businesses and non-profit organizations in Denver, CO.

Are you are planning on doing penetration testing in the Denver, Colorado area?  Penetration testing also knows as a “pen test”, or “pen testing” is a common exercise for savvy organizations that are concerned about their cybersecurity posture.

Penetration testing should be performed periodically.  According to the InfoSec Institute, it should be performed whenever material changes in your systems occur.

Many regulations such as PCI and HIPAA also require your organization to undergo penetration testing. We guide ourselves with national standards (NIST) for our pen testing engagements, which add structure and efficiency to our pen testing projects.

Our penetration testing process includes:

  • Rules of Engagement: Defining how and when the penetration testing will proceed.
  • Reconnaissance: This is where we seek out weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your environment.
  • Planning & Execution: This is where the work begins. Here, we match vulnerabilities and flaws to exploit tools, techniques, and various attack methods. If we’re able gain access, we’ll show you how we did it in detail.  All findings will be scored and prioritized for remediation based on the DREAD scoring model.

At the end of a penetration testing project, your team will receive an executive summary along with detailed remediation recommendations, and the knowledge transfer needed to make the findings actionable so that you can work on mitigating risk by focusing on the items of highest priority first.

Pen testing services are performed nationwide through our partnership with Partners in Regulatory Compliance.  Contact us at (303) 222-0772.


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