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Security Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Protecting your Denver, CO area commercial business, real estate or residence using security cameras and modern video surveillance has never been simpler.
Our experienced team of residential and commercial video surveillance experts and installers walk you through a full evaluation of your location, uncover your security goals and specific surveillance needs, and then design a custom system that will provide a security net both inside and outside your property. Our professional video surveillance installation experts handle every aspect—from cabling and infrastructure to location and installation of the commercial-grade video surveillance technology.
Commercial Video Surveillance Solutions for the Denver CO area

Our video surveillance solutions are:

  • Cost effective—Carefully selected hardware and software balance sophisticated video surveillance capabilities with reliability and a clear ROI

  • Flexible—Cameras are environmental hardened and can be used both for interior and exterior surveillance, providing flexibility to meet multiple use cases

  • Easily managed—Simple on-premise platform enables both managed video surveillance or self-monitoring options, with all video surveillance data owned and accessible by clients

  • Smart—Customizable access control and “smart” detection settings can alert management to unwanted activity on any property and are supported by remote viewing capabilities

Residential Security Made Easy – Serving the Greater Denver Area

The same professional video surveillance experts and installers who design and support our commercial video security solutions also offer sophisticated residential video surveillance coverage. Just as with commercial security camera installations, our experienced team evaluates the unique needs of each homeowner, then designs, professionally installs and optimizes the system for total peace of mind.

Our residential video camera systems provide all the personalized settings and controls as our commercial solution, but with residential security cameras and settings designed for ease of use for homeowners. And our residential systems offer full access to all video data, housed on-premise with no ongoing cloud storage fees.

Find out more about our Denver area professional video surveillance solutions.

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Ask about our commercial managed security solution

  • Ongoing support levels throughout the life of the contract

  • Access and update custom settings at any time

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