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School Tech Portal

When your school partners with SimpleFly Tech, our team creates a personalized technology portal to be used by each teacher and staff member in your organization. This portal is used to host tech news, trouble tickets, training content, network information and more. Each member of your school will receive a personalized login to our portal, catering to the needs of specific individuals. Through use of this portal, our IT team is able to help your staff stay organized in the world of technology, which increases workflow and creates more educated users. Centralizing all technology information to one resource page allows staff to know exactly where to go for technology help. Teachers and staff will be connecting with our IT team, researching solutions, requesting assistance, all in one package with no room for confusion. Our portal encourages training, and a higher level of understanding of technology. With cooperation from your school, it can be used as a platform to educate and reward your staff based off of their dedication to technology in the school.

Personalized Support

Customized support specifically tailored for the needs of your school. From technology resource links and documents to trouble ticket submissions, each user will find multi-tier levels of support needed to solve their technology problems. Our IT team connects with each user of your organization, creating a personalized support experience. This system takes the struggles of typical IT, and replaces them with structure and timeline. Users will see: – Active and completed support tickets – IT resources pertaining to SFT and your own organization – Network Information – IT News/Updates

Incentivized Training

Each portal is equipped to support a hub of online training content for your organization. The hub can be used as a location to share videos and resources with your staff in a place everyone knows how to access. Our IT team aims to improve the workflow of each user, commonly by creating video tutorial content specific to your organization, and creating a database of common problems/how-to’s/ect. It is our mindset to include as many resources as possible to our customers, creating smarter and more confident users. As we seek to provide an environment that encourages bettering ourselves and creating a team of confident users, we create incentivized training systems for our customers. Our IT team is able to monitor the training progress of staff members, and see how much training each individual has completed. We refer to the system as “Incentivized”, as we typically associate the trainings completed with rewards.I.E. Mrs. Peterson at Greene Middle School has requested 2 brand new desktops for her classroom. Administration approves Mrs. Peterson’s request, but only if she completes 5 trainings on basic desktop management ect… Mrs. Peterson completes the trainings which is confirmed by the IT Team, and the school orders the brand new computers. This holds both sides accountable that all purchased tech gets used to its full potential in the classroom.

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