SimpleFly Tech is your Trusted Ubiquiti & Unifi Installer!

WiFi for Every Size business

Ubiquiti network services are made to scale from small business, to multi-site enterprises. Choosing Ubiquiti services offers room for expansion while eliminating the worry of outgrowing your current system. Ubiquiti products maintain affordability, reliability, and power no matter what your needs may be.

SimpleFly Tech is your Trusted Ubiquiti & Unifi Installer!

UniFi Your Systems

Through the tools Ubiquiti provides, it has never been more simple to manage and maintain your network. Monitor traffic, map wireless coverage, and connect your network across multiple sites. The Unifi platform is a one-step solution to a proper healthy network.

Ready to Install?

Powerful WiFi Coverage

The Unifi line of access points offered by Ubiquiti support AC wireless, performing extremely fast speeds over 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks. Unifi access points come in a variety of options, ranging from 867-1733 Mbps speeds. Certain devices are also weather resistant, and can be mounted outside if outdoor coverage is needed. Unifi AP grids are among the most powerful wireless solutions offered anywhere.

Public Wifi and Hotspot

Know exactly who is connecting to your network. Ubiquiti offers convenient options for managing a guest network.

Feel free to keep the network open, have guests agree to the network terms through their devices, or even grant limited time access to certain devices/individuals.

A guest network through Ubiquiti is a perfect option for restaurants, coffee shops and hotels to know exactly what’s going on in their network.

Full Deployments or Management

Full Deployments

SimpleFly Tech offers full deployment services. Analyzing your needs and installing the best solution for your business.

Management of current deployments

If you already have a Ubiquiti/Unifi installation that you need support for, we will work with your team to maintain a healthy network environment.