WiFi Installation


SimpleFly Tech supports a vast number of businesses that have a variety of different needs. Our team of professionals has seen it all, and is able to pass along to you the best informative information possible when it comes to your network. We always strive to create a highly efficient enterprise network infrastructure, while keeping it as simple as possible for our clients.

WiFi Installation that Meets Any Needs, Size, and Budget

WiFi is the SimpleFly Tech Specialty. Since 2015, we’ve installed countless WiFi networks for a vast variety of different businesses. Each job is different, and our experienced team has the knowledge to identify the tools and equipment that each new installation requires. From shared workspaces that require multiple networks under 1 roof, to schools that require heavy network monitoring and security, to hotels with large scale or multi-building guest networks, SimpleFly Tech has you covered.

Installation for Wired and Wireless Networks

Our team takes pride in getting you the results you need without great impact to your current day to day operations. We work alongside you to ensure that the problems you face with your current network or lack thereof are solved in a convenient and efficient manner. The Internet is crucial to nearly all businesses, and we make sure you’re taken care of as quickly as possible.


Building a network from scratch can be unpredictable. You may not be sure how much network traffic to expect, or how many users may normally be using the network. SimpleFly Tech builds out networks for scalability, allowing upgradability and scalability when it’s needed. You don’t need to worry about starting from scratch or getting it wrong. Our team takes care of you and keeps in mind potential changes you may need in the future. We help you get it right the first time!


Our networks are powered by Ubiquiti, an industry-leading brand that offers top tier enterprise-grade hardware at prices that won’t break your budget. Ubiquiti has limitless potential for nearly all networks and requires limited maintenance compared to some of the other big names. We only choose products that we know are right for you and your business.