As the popularity of co-working spaces grows, so does the need for intuitive and robust Wifi systems. After all, not much work can be accomplished in a workspace with an unreliable internet connection. Ubiquiti products meet the unique and diverse needs of co-working spaces: flexibility, customization, and competitive industry pricing.

Ubiquiti products afford business owners flexibility, catering to the changes co-working spaces experience regularly. Variances in the number of users, user frequency, and user access are easily managed under an Unifi system. It provides a variety of options to ease IT operations within the co-working space. Devices can be monitored, throttled to improve performance, restricted by terms and conditions, or blocked altogether.

It’s important to remember that Ubiquiti products are not under license. Once purchased, the Unifi system can be managed by on-site or off-site IT professionals without the hassle of middle man fees and restrictions. This is especially helpful as co-working spaces must adapt to the needs of their members to keep retention high. Access points can be added as each office or area is rented out. This allows co-working spaces to build a broader network connection as member retention increases over time.

Complete control of network devices allows for freedom and customization by the owner and hired IT staff. Network configuration can be tailored to fit the location and unique needs of space. Ubiquiti develops products with expansion in mind. IT staff can assist with most network matters remotely, with the press of a button. As coworking space fills up, installation of additional Ubiquiti products is simple and requires a minimal amount of time. This allows co-working members to continue working, unimpeded by most network maintenance and additions.

Ubiquiti products are affordable, which reduces the financial burden growing co-working spaces face. Hardware upgrades won’t eat up the entire budget either. Oh, and did we mention Unifi systems provide top-tier network speeds In the current IT climate, co-working spaces get more than they pay for with Ubiquiti. Finally, an IT solution for a growing industry in the business of helping other businesses flourish. This Wifi solution a win-win for everyone!

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