Ubiquiti Support Contracts

UbiquiDAD.  Ubiquiti Support Contracts that provide proactive services for your Ubiquiti-powered network, at a predictable cost. 

Don’t wait for your Ubiquiti-based systems to fail before realizing how much you depend on them. You have already invested thousands into your technology, and fixing IT problems after they appear costs more than heading them off before they have a chance to wreak havoc. Enter UbiquiDAD, a support contract for Ubiquiti.

Our Ubiquiti managed services are designed to intercept network and device issues before they can become expensive, business-crippling outages.

Our goal is for our customers to experience worry-free productivity from their Ubiquiti networks without unexpected and costly obstacles.

UbiquiDAD™, Managed Services for Ubiquiti takes a proactive approach to your IT support—controlling costs and maximizing uptime. Plus, with our flat-rate subscription plans, your business can maintain your network’s integrity without unexpected costs.


Our onsite network probe and embedded software continuously monitors the health of your network. With three levels of support to choose from, we will provide as much—or as little—oversight of your IT as you like.

UbiquiDADTM Ubiquiti Managed Services
Proactive network and device monitoring, with on-demand help desk and onsite services on an hourly basis.Proactive network monitoring with unlimited remote help desk support.All of the benefits of our ALERT and RESOLUTION plans, with both remote and onsite services included, 24x7.
Response Time Guarantee
UniFi Controller Hosting
Complete System Health Insight 
Issue Monitoring and Notifications 
Firmware Updates
Maintain Device Back-ups, Locally
Monthly Reporting
Unlimited Remote Support
Enhanced Network & Remote Management
Unlimited Onsite Support
Hourly Rates for Professional Services $175/hr $165/hr N/A
*Up to 50 devices and 1 physical location

Benefits of UbiquiDAD™ Service Contract for Ubiquiti

  • Tracking and reporting of your Ubiquiti assets
  • System health monitoring
  • Log and service monitoring
  • Patch management and installation
  • Guaranteed support response times—always
  • Executive level strategic technology guidance
  • Ubiquiti product procurement services
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Automated, monthly network health reports

Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable Ubiquiti experts to discuss the advantages of a Ubiquiti support contract today.

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