In the present times when almost everything is online, and in this dynamic environment, it is essential to keep up with the current trends and have a steady infrastructure to support your organization. In this new era of email communications, online classes, cloud meetings, online presentations, online customer support, cloud storage and what not, a systematic and reliable core system is a must. Now, what connects all of these factors is the internet, and without that the world would come crashing down in seconds. Whether it is a small startup or a giant conglomerate, or even a school for that matter, a good WIFI is what keeps an organization up and running. The present is all about speed and efficiency, and like ‘it takes a village to raise a kid, it definitely takes a team of experts to install and manage a good WIFI system.

Key Points for Budgeting

Let’s start with what a network system is and how does it work. When a company installs a WIFI network in your organization, it creates a high power infrastructure. This includes installing access points all around the building or in different areas around the campus. Access points are nothing but WIFI hubs that provide internet to the users in range. For places like school, Business Grade WIFI systems are used which have an annual fee along with the installation costs. The annual fee here is mainly for maintaining all the access points installed around the campus. It might seem unfair to keep paying an annual fee for a piece of technology already installed and paid for, but it is an extremely important expenditure you need to make room for in your budget. While all access points are installed right at the beginning, they do however need regular maintenance and updates, to keep them functioning properly.

What to Expect?

The annual fee you have to pay depends on the vendor or company you decide to go into business with, but it is a cost you most definitely should include in your budget.If you decide to become stingy here you might be left with an obsolete piece of technology, causing disruptions, and network failure


Planning a WIFI System for your School

A planned, reliable and efficient WIFI system may cost a little more than usual, but it comes with a guarantee of keeping your school’s network up to date and functioning efficiently. There are of course cheaper options where you don’t have to pay the renewal fee or annual cost, and the infrastructure cost is low too, but would you like to take a chance with the primary piece of technology holding your whole organization together? The cheaper WIFI systems although seem inviting when it comes to turning out your pockets, don’t usually provide 24×7 tech support, which is a crucial service you will need after installation; unless you secretly graduated from the ‘Hogwarts school of Technology’, and possess magical powers to handle all technical issues. Like we mentioned before, all technological products need regular upgrades and maintenance, without which your school would be functioning on outdated technology, which could make things rather difficult. Now, there are two important questions when it comes to picking the right WIFI system for your school:

1) How to decide what technology provider/vendor, or more importantly which WIFI system is apt for your school’s functioning? (This is a task for an IT personnel)

2) If you don’t have someone with that level of expertise how to move forward?

Keep in mind, every decision you make will bring along long-term benefits or loss, depending on how or what you choose. What you may think is best in the current scenario may not work a few years later, taking you back to square one and conjuring up additional costs.


Why Choose UniFi WIFI System for your School

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