Let’s Talk About WiFi and Your Business

Some of you may remember what those early days of WiFi felt like. First of all, it was like striking gold when you found a network and even better if it was unsecured and you could log right in.

Today, WiFi is the backbone of most companies’ technology footprint—not only supporting a world where laptops are more common than desks but also enabling guest access to networks, supporting mobile business apps and empowering business operations large and small.

Fast, reliable, secure WiFi is a business essential, and one SimpleFly Tech has perfected after installing WiFi networks in a variety of environments—from shared workspaces that require multiple, siloed networks to educational organizations that demand extreme monitoring and security. 

Our success is rooted in a tried-and-true process that enables our expert team of WiFi engineers and installers to address each nuance of a business WiFi network. We start with a thorough intake consultation to fully understand each client’s needs, followed by an on-site discovery meeting to align technology with the physical needs of the space. Once our professional installers have finalized the deployment of your unique solution, we take the time to ensure your WiFi network is running exceptionally with troubleshooting and support only a call or ticket away. 

What Does Your WiFi Plan Look Like? 

Every single WiFi network is different. A reputable technology provider such as SimpleFly Tech takes the time to work through all the potential uses and possible challenges around your WiFi solution before getting started. 

If you are considering a new WiFi solution, or think it is time to upgrade, here are some questions you should be prepared to answer: 

  • How will your business be using WiFI?
    • Will both employees and customers be accessing your network?
    • Will you need a guest portal?
    • Will you limit WiFi access to only employees or include some or all guests? 
  • Will you be leveraging a business application to connect with customers using your network either to collect information from them or offer prompts or notifications?
  • Will WiFi need to support live streaming, perhaps as part of a larger video surveillance initiative?
  • How many devices will be supported by your WiFi network?
  • Will this network be shared among multiple businesses, and for what uses?
  • How responsive does your WiFi network need to be? 
  • Are there physical challenges in your business space? 
    • Is your business located  in a particularly large building?
    • Does your business span both an indoor and outdoor space? 
    • Are there building materials that might interfere with WiFi connectivity?
  • Have you considered what levels of security your WiFi network will need?
  • Will employees and guests be using their own devices to access your WiFi? If yes, security and authentication methods become of even greater importance. 
  • Do you have compliance or other data security requirements that demand extended security levels? 
  • Will your WiFi system need to be scalable and by how much? For example, do you host remote employees or customers for events that will demand more bandwidth? 
  • Are you planning on growing your business quickly and soon?

Answers to these questions are elemental when working with an IT professional to plan, budget and build your WiFi network. While SimpleFly Tech brings decades of experience and can provide guidance at each step of the way,  your business must consider the role WiFI will play in company success—both today and in its future form—before you make any decisions.