Making sure you protect your family in addition to your company is vital, which is why it’s worth buying the most effective option that allows you to secure your business as well as your home. The Unifi Protect system was developed as a solution to the requirements of companies and homeowners. It includes all the features and functionalities you need and more packs in one tried and tested solution. So, discover everything you need to know about the UniFi Protect.


What is the UniFi Protect System?

The UniFi Protect system includes numerous components, which of the most important are the IP security cameras. Depending on your requirements, since UniFi is an entirely compatible system, you can choose various other cameras as well.

The UniFi Protect also includes the very best Ubiquiti devices available, from 4K cameras to high-end microphones. The surveillance cameras can be mounted and installed on several types of surface areas and poles. One of the most significant advantages of the cameras is that they are water-resistant and weatherproof. No matter if they are exposed to direct sunlight, heavy storms, or extreme colds, they will hold up and not be damaged. The system includes Ubiquiti’s software, the UniFi Protect Controller, which enables you to remotely handle the whole network of cameras from a mobile app or a browser.

The Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is a convenient software solution that saves videos to a large storage disk. UniFi Protect is a modern-day option for both homes and small to medium businesses.



Experience maximum security with the UniFi Protect.

UniFi Protects allows you to link all access points and cameras under one software app. You can run the app from any device that has internet access, like computers, tablets, or smartphones. You can check all cameras in real-time and validate your recordings no matter where you are. This means you have 24/7 availability to see what’s going on in and around your home or business. The app is very flexible, and allows you to set all the included modern-day security solutions to precisely fit your needs. For instance, if you enable the event logging option, you can search through recordings that have visible movements and skip the rest. The system is also straightforward and quick to install, thanks to the plug-and-play configuration. Your devices will detect the UniFi as soon as you install it without having the hassle of a complicated and time-consuming setup or configuration. UniFi Protect supports up to 20 cameras, but since you can install multiple access points, which is essential for larger businesses or larger buildings, you can add as many cameras as you need.

Another key element and innovative device of the UniFi Protect is the already mentioned Cloud Key Gen2 Plus. It has a 1TB disk capacity, which can be increased if needed. The device is an excellent replacement for the hard disk, and the app is capable of adding new cameras to the system in a matter of seconds.
You can easily mount the storage device with durable rack mounts, which can be bought separately. The UniFi Protect cameras are some of the best high-end cameras on the market today. They are aesthetically appealing and fit in most environments and rooms, and because of their design, they can be mounted in different places.

You can even customize the camera’s appearance by applying equipment overlays that are available in many colors and textures. One of the most appealing textures is the one that resembles wood. You can also buy covers for other devices like access points to get a uniform appearance of the entire security system

Use of the app

We briefly mentioned the application earlier, but it’s one of the most essential parts of the UniFi Protect system. It enables you to analyze every situation and view all recordings no matter where you are. You can also switch between each connected camera in the system, viewing your surroundings in real-time.

Another fantastic feature of the Ubiquiti solution is the motion sensors. The recording is based on these sensors. The system will automatically start recording as soon as it detects any motions. The advanced settings, accessible through the app, allow you to adjust the cameras’ features and capabilities. Among other things, you can adjust and set the camera’s sensitivity levels and delay-time during recording. You can use basically any cameras you want with the system since the UniFi Protect is highly compatible, and adding them is super easy and fast through the app. The app itself has an excellent design and easy-to-use interface. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use it and find where you can locate all the functions.

Why choose UniFi Protect?

The UniFi Protect system is one of the most modern and revolutionary security systems available today. It’s miles ahead of its competitors. Ubiquiti saw the competitors’ weaknesses and realized how important it is to have an excellent monitoring system. If you want a multi-tasking solution that offers so much more than other systems, then the UniFi Protect is the best solution to secure your house and small to medium business. It provides security at the highest level.


SimpelFly Tech – the right choice for UniFi Protect

As a leading Ubiquiti specialist in several states, we at SimpleFly tech can handle everything from the planning stage to management and operating your network, whether at home or for an SMB. We are your trusted partner when it comes to setting up and monitoring your new Unifi Protect System. Our experienced team will provide an expert layout and installation, no matter how many cameras or access points you want to install. Have any questions? Our support team is always ready to handle any questions you might have about the UniFi Protect.

To learn more about the UniFi Protect or to buy it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to secure your home and business; no matter how big or small, you can count on us.

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  1. We are replacing our current Network, Camera, and Access control to UniFi and need assistance with the last leg of the project. We need 9 doors and an elevator (we can use the current access control hub) replaced along with installation of a few cameras on the roof of the building and in the garage.

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