When parents select a Denver area daycare, or an early childhood facility of any type, they are entrusting you with the safety and well-being of their most precious assets—their children. In today’s digital world, safekeeping in an educational setting means more than physically limiting children to safe spaces, it means access control, video surveillance, and, in many cases, offering reassurance through secure, private real-time video streaming (RTS).

Integrated video surveillance for daycare provides peace of mind

Well-designed, properly installed commercial video surveillance systems offer 24/7 views of both the interior and exterior of your childcare or educational facility, ensuring you and your team are in complete control of the environment. When calibrated correctly, video surveillance systems can alert your team, on a variety of devices, when there are issues in or around the property – including unwanted visitors. With today’s highly customizable technology, video surveillance experts can help your business establish policies for your childcare facility, ensuring the privacy of both children and employees is respected while still offering full coverage of the property.

Powerful video systems integrate with complementary technology for complete coverage

Many commercial video systems can be integrated with access control technologies, security lights, and even your unified communications tools—all controlled and securely archived in the cloud. If parents are interested in real-time video access to monitor the safety of their children, some video surveillance solutions support feeds directly into third-party apps.

Imagine the scenarios in which video surveillance would be invaluable:


By working with a trusted video surveillance installer in Denver, your daycare facility can take advantage of best practices, with guidance on camera location, technology choices and integrations, privacy and security policies, and the knowledge to create a secure, cloud-based archive—all personalized for your needs, and your budget.

About SimpleFly: Commercial Video Surveillance Solutions for the Denver Area

SimpleFly’s experienced team of commercial video surveillance experts and installers complete a full evaluation of your childcare or early education facility, discuss your specific surveillance needs, and then design a personalized system that will provide a security net both inside and outside your commercial property.

Our video surveillance for daycare solutions in the Denver area are:


Relevant Link:  Colorado Department of Early Childhood

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